Business Visa

Business Visa (Type “Non-B”)

  • A foreign national who runs business in Thailand.
  • A foreign national who works or is employed (as an officer, or an employee) in Thailand.
  • If the applicant’s spouse would like to accompany her / him, the applicant’s valid marriage certificate MUST be presented as a supporting document.
  • If the applicant’s children would like to accompany him / her, they MUST be under 20 years of age, and have their own their valid birth certificates.
  • Company capitalization must be registered 2 Million Baht per one Work Permit (or 1 Million Baht if the work permit applicant is legally married to a Thai National)
  • The minimum number of Thai employees working full time in the company is 4 Thai employees. The Company must provide them the Social Security Fund every month.


In the case that the applicant enters Thailand with a tourist visa, it can be changed into a business visa and apply for work permit. In the absence of a tourist visa he / she has to apply for a working certificate from the Thai Labor Department in Thailand then he / she applies for the Non Immigrant – B visa from the Thai Embassy or the Consulate of Thailand located in another country and later, will be granted a visa up to 90-days, after which he / she can be apply for a work permit and extend his / her visa in Thailand year by year.


Required Documents for 1 year business visa application

Applicant’s Document

  •  Passport
  •  Work Permit
  •  PND. 91

Company’s Document 

  • Company affidavit issued within 3 months
  • Company’s Shareholder list issued within 3 months
  • PND. 50 together with a receipt
  • Por.Por. 30 together with a receipt
  • PND. 1 together with a receipt
  • Social security document together with a receipt
  • Photos of company
  • Company’s map location