Guardian Visa

Guardian Visa (Type “Non-Immigrant O”)

  • Guardian visa is a visa for the parent / the father / the mother who applies to be the guardian of a student whose educational institution is in Thailand.
  • Adding to the Thai Child / Children with one or more foreign parentA foreign parent / foreign parents OR legal guardian MUST apply for the guardian visa issued by the Royal Embassy or Consulate of Thailand in any countries.
  • Their child / children must be under 20 years of age.

With required documents as follows:

  • Birth certificate of the child / children as a proof of relationship to that child / those children.
  • Admission letter and enrollment form as proof of the child’s / the children’s enrollment in schools in Thailand.
  • Deposit with the amount of 500,000 TH฿ or above OR an official certificate issued by Embassies / Consulates of Thailand concerned of his / her / their nationality or residence confirming that a parent / parents OR legal guardian merely obtain 500,000 TH฿ a year or above as his / her / their income, (current Thai exchange rate is available at the Bank of Thailand’s website), which will be later set up his / her / their Thai bank accounts.