Land Purchasing

After deciding which land an applicant is going to purchase, it is highly recommended that he / she consult his / her officially appointed lawyer before signing any documentation. A foreign national is NOT likely to own any piece of land in his / her name. His / her Thai registered company, nonetheless, may.

If a foreign national marries a Thai spouse and would like to purchase some pieces of land within Thailand, there MIGHT be some limitations by follows:

  • As a non-Thai spouse, a foreign applicant needs to state that he / she has NO rights over the land; effectively waiving her / his rights to claim the property.
  • The property purchased by an applicant, will NOT be in his / her name but in his / her spouse’s.
  • The married couple may be asked to sign declarations at the Land Department stating that the funds used are the separate property of the Thai spouse.
  • Problems may still arise during a divorce case. Proving that the land is marital property will be difficult.

Note: A Thai spouse can live together on his / her whole life and holds the benefit their whole life.

  • At the back of document from the Land Department will be stated
  • For your convenience you can contact Star Visa Service to do this on your behalf

Condominium Purchasing

If a retired foreign national would like to purchase condominiums within Thailand, there MIGHT be some considerations by follows:

  • Foreigners can be condominium owners in Thailand.
  • Star Visa Service helps you to buy a condominium, advising the applicant on what property he / she has the right to be the owner.


–  The condominium’s owner has nothing to do with his / her visa’s right in Thailand.

–  If the condominium’s owner needs to sell his / her owner’s right that can be done by transfer the

owner’s right to the new one.

There are some criteria an applicant should consider before any decision.

  • Reviewing the contracts before signing.
  • Seeking legal advice before considering investing in pre-construction projects.
  • Verifying whether there is also some transferring OR tax charge for the condominium.