House Registration

A Foreign national’s documentation showing the record of residing is so-called “Foreigner’s House Registration” OR “Yellow Book.” For a foreigner, this is to identify his / her residence which cannot be a householder or a tenant. It is only a record that identifies the person or persons who are residing or have resided in the house.

In order to obtain this, a person with Thai citizenship living in the house must provide consent. The application must be submitted to the Local District Office where the house is located, with some requirements as follows:

  • Foreign national’s resident certificate from his / her Embassy or Thai immigration
  • Two photos
  • passport and visa with their Thai translation
  • Personal documentation of a Thai home owner
  • Witnesses

As a house book proves a person’s domicile, it is his / her benefit in doing the official registration procedures such as the transference of ownership of a car or real estate, opening a bank account OR when applying for a new electricity or telephone line connection. A foreign national is NOT registered in a Thai house one, with a non-immigrant visa, he / she requires address proof showing a “Letter of Residence” issued by the Local Immigration Office.