Thai Will

An applicant MUST get a Last Will and Testament prepared in both of his / her home country and in Thailand. The property of an applicant in Thailand is likely to become more and more valuable as soon as she / he signs the contract and makes an initial payment. Consequently, even before the transfer of the property, an applicant MUST have an asset to consider for his / her estate planning.

There are two types of Thai Wills;

  • The Will can be made at home privately or at the Family Law Office.
  • The Will can be made at District Office.
  • Applications must be submitted with required documentation as follows;
  • Detailed list of an applicant’s assets in Thailand such as property, bank accounts, vehicle(s), and personal items.

NOTE: Typically, upon the death of a foreign national in Thailand, governmental officers will ask the family for a copy of a Will or they will seek the deceased person’s lawyer for this document. Having a Will drafted in an applicant’s home country to cover assets in Thailand may be problematic to his / her family as documentation will need to be translated, notarized and approved by a governmental process. We recommended a separate Will for your assets in Thailand.

Drafting a Thai Will for Properties in Thailand or Abroad

The assets of an applicant MUST be distributed to relatives in the following order;

  • Descendants
  • Parents
  • Brothers and sisters of full blood
  • Brothers and sisters of half blood
  • Grandfathers and grandmothers;
  • Uncles and aunts.