Work Permit

Work Permit

  • The Company where he / she the applicant will be working in Thailand must submit a letter of recommendation to the Thai embassy in any countries to obtain a Non-Immigrant Business Visa (Non-B).
  • As with entering Thailand, he / she must apply for a work permit to the Labor Department in a province where he / she works.
  • Application must be submitted with required documents as follows;
  • Original passport
  • 2 Photos
  • Education Certificates
  • Medical Certificates from a Thai hospital or clinic (Issued within 6 months) showing that the applicant does not suffer from prohibited diseases (Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Elephantiasis and Tertiary Syphilis)

Company documents

  • Copy of the Company Business License (If any)
  • Copy of the Shareholder list
  • VAT Certificate
  • Copy of the Company registration
  • Copy of Por.Por.30 together with copy of a receipt
  • Company’s Map


Spouse and children can accompany him / her; children MUST be under 20 years of age, and have their own valid birth certificates.